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          Cathode plate

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          Aluminium Flat Rolling Aluminum cathode sheet

          updatetime:2022-07-15 08:29:20

          Product introduction :

          Aluminum cathode sheet is our main products which cover 30% share in southern china. We have more than 10 years of production for such products.

          This products as a key equipment and it is widely used in zinc electro-winning. The  high conductive, low cost and good mechanic strength of aluminum sheet makes it perfect material for the zinc electro-winning cathode. Morover, aluminum cathode sheet is easy to strip the zinc off the sheet, so it could increase the working efficiency.


          Standard specification of Our Aluminium cathode plate :

          We only manufacture and supply the aluminium mill finish plate for zinc electro-winning






          Product explanation in electrowinning of zinc 

          Cathode Aluminum plate, required aluminium content in more than 99.7%, the working life of 1070 cast rolling aluminum is about 4 months

          The wet method zinc alloy plate is used as the anode, and the industrial pure aluminium plate is the cathode, and the method

          of electrodeposition in zinc sulfate electrolyte is used to extract zinc,In the process of electrolysis, the zinc ions are recovered from the cathode and the electrons are reduced to zinc, and when the plate is assembled to a certain amount of time(commonly 24 hours),the cathode plate is proposed to be removed by artificial means and sent to the molten casting process, the cathode aluminium palte stripped of zinc is reloaded into the electrolyster

          The surface of cathode plate require neat and  smooth,otherwise, it is easy to cause electrolytic zinc deposite rough,ineven,

          The thickness is about 4 - 7mm

          1070 Aluminum Cathode is specially used for zinc electro-wining where the cathodes are installed in electrolytic cell to form pairs with Lead anodes. Voltage is applied across the anode-cathode pair to stimulate zinc ions to get electrons and deposited on the cathode surface. Zinc loaded cathodes are periodically stripped. 1070 Aluminum cathode consist of aluminum base sheet (rolled 1070 aluminum sheet, surface roughness Ra≤3 mm), conducting bar (extruded and machined to specific dimension), Al-Cu copper contactor (Cu-Al composite explosion welding) and hangers (for lifting purpose). Some improvements have been made on blank material, cathode stripping port, edge strip assembly and welding method to ensure its superior quality and reliable performance. Average service lifetime of the aluminum cathode is about 18 months, aluminum consumption of each ton zinc production is 1.4-1.8kg.


          Products Advantage

          ●High conductivity;

          ●Good strength;

          ●Easy for Zinc stripping;

          ●Advanced edge strip with round bar for fastening

          ●The coated hanger bar prevents the copper core from corrosion.

          ●Long service life

          Main Application

           For zinc electrowinning



          No matter domestic short distance or export long distance transportation, proper packing of sheets can ensure safety transportation and avoid damaging sheets during transport, loading and unlaoding.

          Our packing way is experenced during all these years:

          First of all, a dense waterproof film is used to wrap the?aluminum sheet tightly and carefully sealed with adhesive tape to ensure that no part of the aluminum sheet is exposed to the possible damp air, and sufficient desiccant is placed inside the package. This is to ensure that the aluminum plate internal drying, not to allow aluminum plate to contact any liquid, prevent aluminum plate oxidation or corrosion.

           Outside the waterproof membrane, wrap a layer of cowhide waterproof paper. This is mainly to ensure that the weak waterproof film will not be damaged, waterproof paper to a certain extent can also be isolated from external moisture, thick kraft paper can be a good insulation of the surface and internal environment temperature difference, to avoid the aluminum plate due to temperature differences too large water vapor condensation phenomenon, prevent aluminum plate oxidation

          Outside the kraft paper, the whole layer of corrugated paper will be covered to protect the edges and corners of the aluminum plate with special corrugated protection, and finally with metal wrapping belt will be aluminum plate and wooden saucer packed together. Strengthen several tons of aluminium sheet to prevent the aluminium sheet from falling and sliding during transportation, and avoid friction between aluminium sheet and aluminium sheet after fixing.


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